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    Schisandra Berries Extract

    Schisandra Berries Extract

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    Schisandra Berries Extract

    Product name: Schisandra Berries Extract

    Botanical Source: Schisandra chinensis

    Part Used: Berries

    Appearance: Brownish-yellow fine powder.

    Specifications:  1-9%Schisandrins(Schizandrol A+Schizandrol B+Schizandrin A+Schizandrin B

    +Schisantherin C)

    Test Method: HPLC

    Health Benefits:

    Pharmacological Function Astringe the lung and decreasing sweat,  warming the kidney and

    invigorating yang, relieving asthma, invigorating the kidney and stopping emission, benefiting vital 

    energy and promoting  the production of body fluid, relieving mental strain.  It is used for chronic 

    cough, asthma of insufficiency type, seminal emission,  enuresis and frequent micturition, chronic 

    diarrhea, spontaneous perspiration, night sweat, deficiency of the body fluid and thirsty. shortness of 

    breath  and feeble pulse, calor internus and diabetes, palpitation and insomnia;  Dispersing and 

    rectifying the depressed liver-energy, reinforcing spleen to promote digestion, soothing the nerves 

    and keep one’s head, protecting the  liver, reducing enzyme, resisting insenescence. It has 

    outstanding curative  effect on persistent hepatitis and early hepatocirrhosis.

    Packing Detail:

    Net weight: 25Kg per Drum. Packed in two plastic-bags with paper-drum outside Or 

    as per customers request.

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry and well-sealed container; Keep away from moisture and 

    strong light/heat.

    Shelf life: Two years under specified environment.

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