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The Vegetable&fruit Enzyme Powder
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Dec 24, 2018


Product Name:Vegetables and Fruits Enzyme Powder

Appearance:Off-white Powder

Solubility:soluble in hot water

Source:More than 60 kinds of fruits and vegetables 

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Fruit and vegetable enzyme is a kind of phytosynthetic enzyme, which is obtained by fermentation of raw materials such as fruits and vegetables.Enzyme also known as the plant complex active enzyme.Health advice, "leaven" wake up the miracle of life!Enzyme is a key to the health of all life activities, but also the magic power of human health, beauty, and body.The human body in the food intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients, all need enzyme catalysis to be absorbed.If there is no enzyme, we cannot directly absorb all nutrients, if there is no enzyme, there is no activity of life!
After the age of 22, the human body is constantly losing the enzyme every day, daily supplement of enzyme, is far from premature aging and disease effective method!6g of high-quality fruit and vegetable enzyme powder is the total amount of enzyme contained in 20kg fresh fruit and vegetable.

Function & Application 

1.Clean up the waste;

2.Improving the peristalsis of the intestine;

3.It is useful to adjust the hypertension,high cholesterol and high blood suger;

4.Activating cells,that is to say ,it can accelerate the metabolism,and keep younger;

5.Anti-oxidant,and anti-aging;

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