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The Trade Of Functional Food: Simple With Formula
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Mar 28, 2017

The Trade of Functional Food: Simples with Formula


    In the pursuit of food-related functions, the reduction of the body's inflammation is now considered the life

 of the "holy grail". The public now has a better understanding of how dietary restrictions and inclusions are

 reduced from joint pain to heart disease to cancer and other diseases.

Anti-inflammatory preparations

    In the moment, people's daily diet usually lacks some of the nutrients that play an important role in 

improving overall health. At the same time, consumers often incorporate functional foods into their daily diet 

plans. These comprehensive factors create a great opportunity for food and beverage companies to prepare 

for the good use of these trends.

    More and more educated consumers are looking for a healthy diet and are in good health. For example, 

with the growing trend of consumers taking curcula into the diet, this important anti-inflammatory nutrient has

 become a rising star of functional ingredients in North America.

    The rich flavor of turmeric is a bit tricky in food handling because its spicy nature is a challenge to food or

 drink. Although many consumers take standardized curcumin capsules, they also have a good application in 

food, including the use of it as a salad decoration, fusion with smoothies or sprinkled on the surface of 

avocado or vegetables. At present in the regional food stores and whole food stores in the sale of curcumin 

drinks variety. It is noteworthy that these beverages usually have a medicinal dose that can achieve real health


    In addition to turmeric, ginger is another popular spice. Like turmeric, ginger can also resist a variety of 

inflammation, so Ayurveda ginger is also classified as one of the most functional medical food. One of the 

active compounds such as ginger ketone, ginger enol and the most important ginger peel, give ginger unique 

aroma and flavor and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is easy to add to a variety of food and drink, and 

very popular with consumers. In addition, add to the lemon and other fruit juice can be made into a unique 

taste of the drink. The other uses such as salad dressing, candied ginger, etc., can also be mixed with