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The Market Situation Of Grape Seed Extract
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

The Market Situation of Grape Seed Extract  

     After eating grapes, bitter and astringent grape seed is usually abandoned as a mustard, but the grape seed extract powder can form a human body can not synthesize a new type of highly effective natural antioxidant ingredients, the ingredients contain proanthocyanidins and catechins And other phenolic substances, is found in the nature of the antioxidant, free radical scavenging ability of one of the strongest antioxidant activity of vitamin E 50 times, vitamin C 20 times, can effectively remove more than the freedom of the human body Base, with anti-aging and enhance the role of immunity.


     Grape seed extract is popular with consumers for both health and beauty effects, and has been widely used in feed because it contains rich protein, crude fat, various amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Grape seed after crushing, the color is very nice, not only can save food crops, but also significantly improve the production efficiency of livestock and poultry. China's exports to the United States in 2015 plant extracts, grape seed extract ranked 31, exports amounted to more than 30 tons, the export amount of 459,000 US dollars. Grape seed extract prices stabilized and changed little in the first half of the year.

     So facing the competitive market, the only way to succed is quality control and best after-service. to put customer first and then you can win the market.