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The Health Benefits Of Schisandra Berry Extract To Kidney
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Sep 12, 2016

The Health Benfits of Schisandra Berry Extract to Kidney 

   The schisandra fruit is known as wu wei zi (five flavor fruit). Schisandra is also spelled shisandraand schizandra. Despite the lack of 

consensus on the spelling though, there is consensus as to its ability to enhance kidney function along with an overall normalizing 

effect on the body.

   This adaptogenic herb has been a kidney tonic in China for centuries. It is said to enter all 12 meridian systems, influencing the 

heart, kidneys, liver and lungs.

   Our interest for the moment is in the use of schisandra as a kidney tonic. Schisandra is known as a longevity herb, with the ability 

to increase kidney energy.

   In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shisandra is purported to enhance the Water Qi in the Kidney. It prevents oxidative 

damage to the kidneys.

   It is used as an astringent kidney tonic regulating urinary secretions, or urinary incontinence. In TCM, schisandra is generally 

prescribed by a trained herbalist who uses it in a mixture with other herbs.

   While our western culture does not tend to group matters of the kidneys with sexuality, traditional Chinese medicine has a 

different perspective. In TCM, the kidney energy is also responsible for sexual function and stamina.

   So the fact that according to traditional Chinese medicine, schisandra is also considered an effective sexual tonic should be 

mentioned here. The use of schisandra is said to revitalize the kidney energy, including sexual function, especially when used with 

other kidney tonics.