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The Function Of Plant Extract
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Apr 11, 2016

    We discovered six plant extracts that increase yeast chronological lifespan to a significantly greater extent than any of the

presently known longevity-extending chemical compounds. One of these extracts is the most potent longevity-extending

pharmacological intervention yet described. We show that each of the six plant extracts is a geroprotector which delays the

onset and decreases the rate of yeast chronological aging by eliciting a hormetic stress response. We also show that each of

these extracts has different effects on cellular processes that define longevity in organisms across phyla. These effects include

the following: 1 increased mitochondrial respiration and membrane potential; 2 augmented or reduced concentrations of

reactive oxygen species; 3 decreased oxidative damage to cellular proteins, membrane lipids, and mitochondrial and nuclear

genomes; 4 enhanced cell resistance to oxidative and thermal stresses; and 5 accelerated degradation of neutral lipids

deposited in lipid droplets. Our findings provide new insights into mechanisms through which chemicals extracted from certain

plants can slow biological aging.