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The Development Trade Of Health Market
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: May 10, 2017

The Development Trade of Health Market

    Previously, the domestic health industry, whether it was the raw material industry or the terminal health product business, was the American trend. And the domestic market is three to five years behind the us. The gap is now shortening or even beginning to be less obvious. Such as now the domestic universal intestinal health campaigns and public opinion direction, the United States the exhibition the author highlight a feeling is: probiotics are everywhere! There are a variety of probiotic feedstock producers, as well as innovative, probiotic products that have repeatedly hit the eyeballs. Before actually comes from a variety of media industry market trend prediction news said the United States the probiotic market will be a Huge industry, actually feel the tide of the tsunami of 2016 just rushed to front! There is no denying that today is the world of probiotics, and within a few years, it will be the world of probiotics. Because the market for probiotic gut health is spreading, the consumer market will lead to new raw materials in the field of intestinal health, which will be led by the probiotics.

    Green and natural English, as you know, you just need to imagine that the words of the two English capital model can, almost more than percent and booth has both English words, whether material or terminal.

    It's not just the U.S. market that favors green and natural, the Japanese market, and the European market, is the same. Fruit/berry in Engredea shows source ingredients or extract natural pigments or concentrate is quite mainstream seats, such as the trend for health industry chain in China, especially in terminal enterprise, is a research and development department to develop new products of a major strategic direction, another is supported by the United States food supplements industry traditional varieties of plant extracts, after last year's high-profile events of ginkgo biloba extract, ginkgo biloba extract on this exhibition is a certain star characters, in the melee in the market, insist to do real and good raw materials enterprise finally can justly to claim to be qualified of ginkgo biloba extract to be trusted.

    Since the food supplements industry, health care products industry, with plant extracts industry, enterprises have ideal and have a sense of mission in go to great lengths to display and promote green, natural, and more safety. Management, full traceability from raw material to the production process quality control, from the field to the table, the efficacy of clinical validation, industry are carrying on the unremitting effort, and walked in the way of perfecting.