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The Chinese Ginseng
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Apr 01, 2017

The Chinese Ginseng 

    Ginseng in our country can be recorded in the application history has been more than 4000 years. This 

medicinal value of the high herbaceous plants, in the dynasties have been regarded as tribute to the royal 

family, folk and even regarded as the fetish. For thousands of years, people have been using drugs made from

 dry ginseng to treat the disease. Even today, ginseng can provide people with a variety of health benefits, 

such as refreshing and energetic, Physical fitness and nourishing the body. In addition, the National Health 

Ministry (now known as the National Health and Family Planning Commission) promulgated the relevant 

regulations will be ginseng as a new resource food, can be added to ordinary food, this move to further 

expand the domestic market demand for ginseng. In recent years, China has also used ginseng in high-end 

products, such as ginseng peptides, which is the use of ethanol extraction from ginseng purification from a 

nutrient, mainly used in cosmetics.

     China's ginseng is mainly distributed in the three northeastern provinces, and Jilin Province Ji'an City is the 

main production base of ginseng, fresh ginseng annual output of 4,000 tons. According to China Customs data

 show that in 2014, the total export volume of Chinese ginseng 1207 tons, down 36%, while the value of 

ginseng in the same period increased by 14% up to 137 million US dollars. China's ginseng extract in 2015 

exports nearly 40 tons, exports more than 39 million US dollars, of which Germany, Canada, the United 

States, North Korea and Taiwan, China's exports that more than 60% of the export volume.

    China is ginseng production power, production accounts for about 70% of the world's total output, of

 which Jilin Province ginseng production is about 85% of the national total. Jilin Province, ginseng production 

accounted for more than 70% of global ginseng production, the output value is less than 10% of Korean 

ginseng. The main reasons are the following: First, China's ginseng processing technology and extraction 

technology is relatively backward, such as Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other 

countries will be imported from China ginseng raw materials processed into higher value-added products 

(cosmetics, ginseng tea, pills And functional drinks, etc.), and then sold to China. Second, China's ginseng 

enterprises in the small majority, the lack of large ginseng products company. Third, the ginseng industry has 

not yet formed a standardized, diversified and large-scale. Fourth, the domestic consumer ginseng positioning 

for drug labels, for the acceptance of ordinary ginseng products is not high, which further restricts the 

development of ginseng in the country.