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The Challenge Of Turmetic
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Mar 14, 2017

The Challenge of Turmeric

     In the past few years, the market for minerals and bone health supplements has increased by as much as 

5%, but in the past two years there has been zero or even negative growth in the mainstream market. To write

 the role of the United States and the global joint health supplements (health care products) miracles now 

health industry is almost familiar, joint health health products formula "Three Musketeers" - ammonia sugar, 

chondroitin sulfate and dimethyl sulfone. Accumulation of years of scientific research and clinical data are 

basically confirmed that the three are currently poor joints of the necessities. "Three Musketeers" in the field 

of joint health for many years, but now because the formula fixed, lack of innovation, market growth, fatigue.

     In fact, this "Three Musketeers" is not for all bad joints can be "a move fresh eat all over the sky", 

especially for a class of persistent intake of inflammation after the effect is not significant. Therefore, has been

 clinically proven to effectively inhibit arthritis curcumin began to gradually into the global health industry 

chain vision. This is not the case at the recent discussion of the Bone and Joint Health Online Seminar, where

 professionals from the Jarrow formula, NBTY and NOW recipes have shown that, compared to more stable 

and mature Bone health market, joint health field also has more room for innovation.

    Whether you are raw material business customers across the client want to directly consumer education, or

 health care products companies rely on their own "dead loyalty children" consumer groups of consumer 

education, are not as good as several well-known health care products companies to promote a certain 

effective The raw materials in a health field are recognized by consumers directly and extensively. Of course, 

this requires research, professional raw materials developers, professional media platform boost. There is no 

doubt that the future of the joint health market in the future will be 3 + 1 (Three Musketeers + Curcumin) 

mainstream formula.

    Now food senior education manager said that the field of bone health is relatively less in terms of 

component innovation, and bone health is usually divided into two areas, on the one hand is to help maintain 

the organization between the joints of healthy products, on the one hand is to ease the joint discomfort That is

 to suppress the inflammatory products. In this latter area, curcumin has a huge market space.

    The brand marketing manager, said the modern sedentary lifestyle is one of the important factors leading

 to joint disease, so called on people in the intake of the corresponding supplements at the same time, but also 

actively engaged in the movement, so that talent Have healthy joints and happy life.

    Although the curcumin on a variety of health effects have been relatively clear, and the joint health market 

is relatively stable and mature, curcumin bioavailability is clearly a concern and challenge the industry. Global 

professional developers in this area has made outstanding efforts and results, Italy Di curcumin raw material 

brand Meriva, is the phospholipid and curcumin by science and technology together, significantly improve the 

curcumin body absorption rate. Again, Dolmas Biotech offers BCM-95, which is made through a patented 

process that helps improve the bioavailability of curcumin. In addition, Verdure Science, WACKER, 

OmniActive and other companies have their own effective solution to improve the absorption rate. This is 

why curcumin is so expensive. After improving the bioavailability of raw materials are "expensive", but also 

will not deceive consumers of raw materials.

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