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The Application Of Yeast Β- Glucan
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: May 23, 2017

The Application of Yeast β-Glucan 

1 in the application of dairy products

Yeast β-glucan can also be used as a fat substitute in cheese, ice cream and other dairy products. a researcher found that with the increase in the amount of yeast β-glucan, ice cream hardened after the increase in hardness. The addition of yeast β-glucan allows the product to have a high expansion rate, and 40% of the geological sample is acceptable. Konukala studied the application of dextran in low-fat Cheddar cheese. The results showed that the product had lower hardness, brittleness, and lower melt flow index compared with the low-fat control, and the elasticity and cohesion of cheese Similarity.

2 in the application of meat products

For meat products, juicy, fresh, smooth is the people desire the sensory characteristics. Yeast β-glucan due to its special structural properties, in the use of meat products with enhanced water holding capacity of meat products to improve the brittleness, hardness and other functions. Wang Miao et al. [6] found that yeast β-glucan in meat products such as ham can replace the fat to prepare low-fat ham, to overcome the fat-induced texture and sensory decline. The use of 3-4% can significantly improve the meat products brittle, hardness, elasticity, adhesive, chewiness and other texture, taste indicators.

3 in the application of baked goods

Baked food is an important part of the food industry, but baked goods often need more oil to enhance the baked food color, smell and taste. Yeast β-glucan in baked goods can be used as fat substitutes to reduce the cake, bread and other foods in the oil. Gong Yanyan et al [7] studied the yeast β-glucan as a substitute for fat instead of heavy oil cake recipe part of the fat. The results show that the moisture content in the cake increases with the decrease in fat content in the cake. The addition of yeast β-glucan increases the elasticity, gumency and recovery of the heavy oil cake, while improving the chewiness of the heavy oil cake. The cake sensory index of the 20% fat substitute is closer to the traditional heavy oil cake.

4 in other food applications

Yeast β-glucan has a dietary fiber-like effect, as macromolecules can change the mobility, emulsification and so on for a variety of food. Thammakiti. The use of yeast β-glucan as an emulsifying stabilizer in canola can not only effectively maintain the emulsification stability of mayonnaise, but also to enhance the role of cellulose to prevent lipid absorption and promote the excretion of cholesterol Intestinal peristalsis.

In addition, yeast β-glucan is also an important raw material of functional food, with enhanced immunity, anti-infection, anti-radiation and other effects, can be used as functional food and dietary supplements of raw materials used in such products