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Risun Bio-Tech Inc --- Cosher Certificate
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Apr 05, 2017

Risun Bio-Tech Inc --- Cosher Certificate


Congratulations to Risun Bio-Tech Inc get the Cosher Certificate on 2017-03-31. (Picture attched as below)



Risun Bio-Tech Inc prepared to apply for Cosher Certificate since Sep.2016. During the preparation, risun meet all different type of problem, after the strive of all the staff in Risun, we solved the problem easily. And when we meet the problem, all of us are very helpful and unity. Risun just want to say a "thanks" to all the staff, hope we can be unity all the way, and hope we will get a better than better furture. "Play Up" Risun.



 Kosher is the segment of Jewish law pertaining to the food that a Jew may or may not eat, and the proper preparation of this food. KOF-K KOSHER SUPERVISION is an organization of Orthodox Rabbis dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the kosher status of foods in accordance with the highest standards of Kosher Law. The kosher program covers all aspects of the food production, including the ingredients used, the equipment on which it is produced, and the manner of production to ensure that all kosher requirements are met. The KOF-K Kosher symbol on a product allows the consumer to identify those products which are approved as Kosher.