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Provexis Launches New Health Supplement Product
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Jun 30, 2016

Peovexis Launches New Health Supplement Product 

  Health food group Provexis plc announced the launch of a new version of its plant extract supplement.

    Prexis’s flagship product Fruitflow is a scientifically-proven tomato extract which inhibits platelet aggregation, a known cause of heart attack, stroke and venous thrombosis. It is a natural product and classified as a foodstuff.

    The group has launched a product combining it with Omega-3, proven to contribute to healthy heart function.

    In studies performed by the group, positive effects were observed in 97% of individuals tested.

  “The new Fruitflow + Omega-3 dietary supplement product is expected to provide the company with an additional income and profit stream, and help to increase the brand awareness of Fruitflow more widely,” said chairman Dawson Buck.

  “The product launch today is a very positive development for the business, seeking to generate value for shareholders, and we remain positive about the outlook for the product and the business.”

    Last month the group announced that more than 50 regional customer healthcare brands containing Fruitflow has been launched, with a number of further regional brands launched through distributor channels.

    The group also announced today that it had received £25,000 worth of interest in the subscription placing from the chairman, Dawson Buck. If exercised, this would bring Bucks interest to just under 1%.