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Organic Herbal Extract
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

Organic Food


      Yesterday, we had a training about What is good sales? Everyone speaked out their words, some of they said: good sales is to close business contract with customer. Some of staff said: good sales is to make long term business relationship with customer.....Different people having different way to contact with customer. For me, I'm thinking good sales is satisfied with customer, to treat our customer as friend instead of customer, to make them feel comfortable to do business with me, long term business relationship is a successful sales.


     Within the training, we talk a important topic which i feel is very good topic to me: Organic Food. Now in China, we met a lot of oversea customer who looking for Organic Food. So the needed around the world of Organic Food is a very big market. Many of the companys applied for Organic Certificate, because organic food is a trend in the future. People around the world is very importance with health, so organic food is very popular in the near future.


What is Organic Food?

    Organic food (Organic Food) is also called ecological or biological food, etc.. Organic food is an international comparison of non polluting natural foods. Organic food usually comes from organic agricultural production system, according to the international organic agricultural production requirements and the corresponding standard production and processing.