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Mangosteen Extract Can Prevent The Constipation
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Mangosteen Can Prevent the Constipation

    Recently, there are many chronical disease happens, like constipation, especially for children. so facing this situation, mangosteen , Dandelionroot tea,Nettleleaf (Nettleleaf) tea extract can prevent the constipation. the main introduction as following:


    Mangosteen is Cucurbitaceae perennial vines, Guangxi Guilin famous specialty, one of Guilin Sambo, in recent years is the identity of the natural sweetener swept the world. In fact, Mangosteen is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has long been used for hundreds of years. Mangosteen cool, sweet, with heat and lungs, caldera laxative, swelling and hemostasis effect, commonly used in lungs dry cough, sore throat subtle, intestinal dry constipation. Take two of the Mangosteen, flesh and seeds to break, decoction, before going to bed, can relieve senile constipation. In addition, Mangosteen high sweetness, low calorie, very suitable for obese and diabetic patients eat.

Dandelionroot tea

   A reference to dandelion, may be a lot of people first thought is the dandelion seed flying beautiful picture, in fact, dandelion or a Chinese herbal medicine, is a good and practical plant ingredients. Dandelion roots and leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals, dry and cut tea, have the role of strengthening the liver, so dandelion in Europe, "bedworm grass," said. Dandelion is another magical effect is to relieve indigestion, relieve constipation. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records dandelion can heat detoxification, food poison, eliminate evil swelling.

Nettleleaf (Nettleleaf) tea

   Nettle leaves can be described as a feature-rich plant ingredients, "Shan Hai Jing" records, there are grass Yan, its shape, such as 葌, and Fang Huanghua Akira, such as the lily wood, its name Xun grass, The It is said that Xun grass is the nettle grass, here is about its beauty effect. Nettle leaves rich in vitamins, use it tea, contribute to metabolism, thereby promoting digestion, relieve constipation, improve skin condition.

    Hoping those natural plant extract powder can help people prevent the constipation.