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Inulin Can Be Added To Yogurt To Increase The Taste
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Apr 10, 2017

inulin Can be Added to Yogurt to Increase the Taste

    Inulin by the industry to become probiotic food, that is, compared to probiotics ingredients to make every effort to ensure that after oral intake to the intestinal tract to play the activity, inulin is not the case, inulin is defined as natural Prebiotics, the human body directly after the intake to improve the number of intestinal probiotics, China's health products terminal market has just a strong interest in the inulin and gradually began to seek the corresponding concept of health product development. In the international market, add inulin drinks, instant food products, baked goods, candy and dairy products abound.

    Singapore Juice Brand MarigoldPeel Fresh has developed a Juice Beverage product that adds chrysanthemum prebiotics. Inulin is very suitable for the addition of ingredients as a beverage, as a beverage formula to enhance the nutritional effect of the product. Easy to make the end product health attributes to obtain consumer awareness.

Inulin will be added to the pasta and other vegetarian products, but also some of the enterprise exploration, because the inulin replacement effect of the powder is also effective to enhance the taste of the product, and enhance the nutritional efficiency of the product. There are also international companies that add inulin to the bread and other baked goods, including breakfast poles for office workers, for consumers to create a more convenient natural prebiotic intake pathways.

   Careful readers may also find that some for each year (except for the baby and formula milk powder) in the milk powder is also clearly marked with the addition of inulin natural prebiotics, and some national product labels and even special instructions clearly marked the effect of inulin The

Inulin will be added to the candy, it can be said that some of the innovative behavior of enterprises, and re-given the candy as a health food other than the value of leisure. Many countries on the market also appeared to add chrysanthemum chocolate products, the market response is quite good.