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How To Chose Right Powder--Plant Extract Konjac Powder
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Jul 12, 2016

How to Chose Right Powder--Plant Extract Konjac Powder 

  As people's awareness of the benefits of plant extract konjac root powder, more and more people begin eating konjac root powder, or use konjac to produce health food products. But on the market konjac extract varies a lot in quality and price. So as a consumer how do we distinguish and choose the right konjac extract? Here are some suggestions by YESHERB for your reference:

    First, look the appearance. konjac plant extract powder are roughly divided into three kinds, konjac extract Powder, konjac extract micro powder and purified konjac extract powder (also known as konjac gum). Particle size of the konjac extract Powder is 45-100 mesh, with many impurities. Particle size of konjac micro powder is about 100-120 mesh, with peculiar odor of konjac. For YESHERB Purified konjac extract powder, particle size is greater than 120 mesh, almost no smell and can be directly taken in.


    From the color, konjac plant extract Powder have deep brown color, with many impurities and Coarser particles.konjac micro powder is white with lightly darker color, and black and yellow point. Purified konjac extract powder is creamy-white powder, almost no impurities, uniform particles, It have higher purity than ordinary konjac powder.

    Distinguish from smell. Konjac extract Powder have great odor, konjac micro powder have slight odor, and YESHERB Purified konjac extract powder almost have no odor.

    Second, measure water-solubility. plant extract Konjac powder is water soluble, so they will dissolve when contact with water, either cold or hot water. And fake konjac are made of starch, starch does not expand when encounter water.

    Third, compare price. The price of konjac extract Powder is lower, konjac micro powder higher, and purified powder highest.

    Konjac plant extract powder is a dietary fiber that known as body scavenger and with many other benefits. The above three points are some experiences by YESHERB that may help you to choose and identify konjac extract powder in the buying process. If you are interested in YESHERB plant extract konjac root powder, pls contact YESHERB directly.