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GMP Standard Plant Extract Factory Common Cnidium Fruit Extract /Osthole
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Oct 14, 2016

                    GMP Standard Plant Extract Factory Common Cnidium Fruit Extract /Osthole

  • Packaging Material: Fiber Drum/Aluminium Foil Bag or Carton

  • Extraction Process: Physical

  • Raw Material: Plants

  • Active Ingredients: Xanthotoxin, Osthole, Imperatorin

  • Delivery Time: 1-3 Days Once Get Your Payment or Deposit

  • Origin: Xian Shaanxi, China

  • Certification: ISO, FDA, HACCP

  • Storage Method: Normal

  • Application: Beauty, Medicinal, Edible

  • Specification: 10:1 Tlc / 5% ~ 98% HPLC / UV, SGS, GMP

  • CAS: 484-12-8

  • HS Code: 2932999099

Product Description
GMP, SGS Certified With 100% Natural & Purity Guarantee.

-1, Product Name: Common Cnidium Fruit Extract / Osthole
-2, Extract Part: Dried ripe fruit

-3, Active Ingredients & Specifications: Osthole 5% - 98%
-4, Test Method: TLC /UV /HPLC
-5, Appearance: White or Yellow - Brown Yellow Fine Powder

-6, Pharmacological Action:

A: Antimicrobial parasites effect
B: Anti-arrhythmic effects
C: Expansion blood vessel function
D: Calm hypnosis, analgesia, local anesthetic effect
E: To improve learning and memory
F: On the role of the endocrine system
G: Enhancing immune function, resist allergy effect
H: Kind of sex hormone-like
I: Antitumor mutagenesis resistance effect

-7, Function of Osthole:

A: Treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis and skin mycete, and relieve itching.
B: Aphrodisiac Effect
C: The treatment of infant eczema
D: Common type of psoriasis treatment
E: Prevention and cure function for crops diseases and insect pests

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Product NameOstholeManufacture Date2016/03/07
Batch NumberZD20160307
Analysis Date2016/03/08
Batch Quantity550 kg Certificate Date2016/03/09
Botanical SourceFruit  Expiry Date2016/03/07
Tests Specification Results 
Assay BY HPLCOsthole 98.00% 98.21%
Appearance  White fine powder  Conform
Odor & Taste  CharacteristicConform
Mesh Size  100 mesh 100Conform
Loss on Drying   0.10%0.07%
Total Ash   0.10%0.02% 
Solvent Residue  NegativeConform
Residue on Ignition 0.1%Conform
Heavy Metals5 PPMConform
As   1 PPMConform
Cd  1 PPMConform
Pb  0.5 PPMConform
Hg  0.5 PPM Conform
Phosphate Organics  Negative Conform
Organics Residues  Negative Conform
Pesticides Residues Negative Conform
Mierobiology  Control
Total Plate Count   500cfu/g23 cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold50cfu/g12 cfu/g
E. Coli           Negative Conform
Salmonella       NegativeConform
Staphylococcus   Negative Conform
Packing  Double plastic bags for inner packing and aluminum foil bag for outer packing, vacuumized.
Expiration Date  2 Years When Stored properly  2 
Contact email: emily@risunextract.com