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Fructus Momordicae Extract Powder Has Big Future
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Mar 13, 2017

                            Fructus Momordicae Extract Powder Has Big Future 

    Medical research shows that sugary beverages tend to cause obesity, and obesity is the cause of diabetes, 

cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, kidney disease, eye disease, arthritis and certain cancer 

incentives. The state not only has to spend a lot of money and medical resources to treat these diseases, and 

these diseases and therefore lead to death patients could have been avoided. At present, there are already a 

number of countries in the world have begun to implement the system of sugar-tolerant soft drinks, such as 

France, Hungary, Belgium and Norway, and even the United States has always been strong fat tax levy, 

although only in individual states Promotion. The future of the world will have more countries and regions to 

join into this trend.

    The survey shows that consumers are already aware of the impact of food on the longevity of human 

health itself, a trend that also drives consumers' demand for "natural, low-sugar and non-artificial additives" 

products. Sensus 2015 survey data show that more than 60% of European population said they are monitoring

their daily sugar intake, 25% of the population said it is actively searching for low sugar content of food. More

than half (55%) of the survey data show that the use of products that can reduce sugar consumption 

sweeteners will affect consumers' buying options, and the survey data show that Europeans prefer natural 

sweeteners, especially stevioside and mangosteen.

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