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Black Rice Extract
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Apr 18, 2017

Black Rice Extract


Since 2016, Risun is already started to produce of Black Rice Extract. Our tech man start to research and development of Black Rice Extract for few months. After all the strive with our tech man, finally they developed out the new product: Black Rice Extract 25% Anthocyanin.


Now we are here to have a simple introduce of Black Rice Extract.

Black rice called in Purple Rice and Black Purple Rice also. The peel of black with content of Anthocyanin. Different varieties with different color, the heavy color which will be in good quality.


The mainly active ingredient with Anthocyanidin and Anthocyanin. The Anthocyanin include with Cyanidin-3-0-glucoside(C3G).


The mainly function of Black Rice Extract which is peel have biological activities such as antioxidant and hypolipidemic activities, and anthocyanins and unsaturated fatty acids are the main material basis.

The black rice anthocyanins is found naturally in a group of black rice anthocyanins, flavonoids belong to plant compounds in (flavonoids), the main active ingredient is cyanidin -3- glucoside (Cyanidin-3-glucose) and peonidin -3- glucoside (Peonidin-3-glucose) etc..


If you are interesting in Black Rice Extract, please kindly feel free to contact us. We will be happy to serve you in the near future.