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Big Leap In Sea Buckthorn Demand To Benefit Farmers
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

Big Leap in Sea Buckthorn Demand to Benefit Farmers 

    Farmer societies in Lahaul and Ladakh have received the demand of 2,600 tonnes of sea buckthorn dried leaves from the company and these products are expected to be supplied to the Army as the studies conducted by the Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) revealed that sea buckthorn health products help in the adaptation of the Army in high-altitude areas, said president of Lahaul-Spiti Sea buckthorn Cooperative Society BD Parshera.

Farmers are selling sea buckthorn leaves on small scale at the rate of Rs 200 per kg and the company will get major supplies of sea buckthorn fruit and leaves from Ladakh but farmers of the tribal belt of Himachal would also benefit from this huge market demand, Parsheera said.

       Farmers of Lahaul-Spiti may not be able to supply more than 100 tonnes but they are gearing up for massive plantation of sea buckthorn in over 1,000 hectares in Lahaul-Spiti, Kinnaur, Pangi and Bharmour in 10 years, which can produce about 4,000 tonnes of dried leaves, fetching farmers over Rs 40 crore annually, provided the government extended support to the growers, he claimed.

      Prof Virendra Singh of CSK Agriculture University, Palampur, who has already trained over 1,000 farmers in the sea buckthorn cultivation, said “There is a need for massive cultivation of sea buckthorn by the Forest Department and farmers and supply raw material on the sustainable basis to combat climate change and conservation of soil, water and biodiversity in this environmentally fragile region of the state”.

     Farmers want the state government to help them carrying out massive plantation through schemes like Chilgoza and MGNREGA and also provide facilities of irrigation and fencing to sea buckthorn plantations for the higher survival rate and better growth on marginal lands.

    About 2-lakh plan saplings were planted under the project and survival rate was 52 per cent, said Prof Varinder.

    Another company, Chandigarh Agritech is establishing a processing unit with government support in Baddi to start super critical Co2 extraction unit for oil of sea buckthorn. Patanjali Ayurveda has already placed an order of 500 tonnes of sea buckthorn fruits to farmers of Ladakh while another company, Synthetise based in Cochin, has also approached Leh farmers to supply 300 tonnes of sea buckthorn fruit for oil extraction.

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