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6 Kinds Of Plant Extracts Can Delay Aging
Risun Bio-Tech Inc | Updated: Mar 10, 2017

6 kinds of plant extracts can delay aging


"Fountain of youth" maybe it's just a legend, but this has never stopped scientists find scientifically for the steps of "longevity". In recent years, the researchers on the interest of rapamycin, metformin and other drugs, mainly is that they can effectively prolong life and has the ability to cure disease.

However, a recent study shows that these drug anti-aging ability is no longer unique: some plant extracts containing known the strongest anti-aging properties.


Researchers from Canada Concordia university has conducted over 10000 screening test, look at the plant extracts can effectively extend the survival period of yeast.


You might imagine, the yeast is the most common patterns of biological life length field, this is mainly because the level of yeast cells and human life.


"In conclusion, we found that there are 6 kinds of molecules can effectively delay the life cycle" of yeast, from researchers at the university of Concordia Vladimir Titorenko said.


The results, published in the journal Oncotarget, they found that in 6 kinds of molecules, willow bark extract has the most significant effect, and this phenomenon has not been any reported before. Trials, willow bark extract can make yeast to 4.75 times the average life cycle, the longest life cycle by 3.69 times.


If the result can get repeated in other creatures outside of yeast, that would be a great discovery. In addition, in addition to slow the aging, these compounds can prevent some diseases, such as cancer. Other molecules respectively extracted from class Ye Sheng hemp, valerian root, passion fruit, ginkgo, and celery.


The researchers said they could be divided into six different projects to further study the effect of these molecules as well as the mechanism behind.