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    Technical Parameter

    Risun Bio-Tech Inc is one of the leading inulin manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy factory supply pure natural and 100% natural synanthrin, cas:9005-80-5, einecs:232-684-3 of both low price and high quality.


    Other name: Synanthrin; Dietary fiber; prebiotics; Helianthus tuberosus L.; 

    Jerusalem Artichoke extract.

    Specifications: Inulin95%

    Appearance: White fine powder.

    Test method: HPLC

    CAS NO.: 9005-80-5

    EINECS NO: 232-684-3

    Molecular formula: C12H22O11.C6H12O6

    Molecular Weight: 522.45

    Health Benefits:

    1.Increase human bifidobacterium, adjust gastrointestinal function, increases mineral and calcium absorption, promote the growth of intestinal bacteria, adjust stomach and intestines function, improve immunity and lipid metabolism;

    2. Enhance immune function, eliminate toxin, beauty skin;

    3. Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol;

    4. Improve the fat metabolism and lose weight.

    5. Improve colorectal cancer

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