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why do we need to eat organic food
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Nov 17, 2016

Why Do We Need to Eat Organic Food?

    Whenever we put something into our body we ought to be concerned with what it is, the quality 

of it, and if the ingredients are organic. If they are not organic, the food is often grown 

conventionally with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The food can absorb these chemicals and 

in turn, our body absorbs the chemicals when we eat the food. Our body can have a challenging 

time detoxing these chemicals, and so they end up storing in our fat cells causing weight 

gain,inflammation and a weakened immune system. Industrial dairy-based whey proteins are produced 

from cows injected with antibiotics and fed GMO corn and soy that is sprayed with Monsanto’s 

RoundUp herbicide, which the World Health Organization stated is linked to cancer.