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tomato extract can relieve arthrosclerosis
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Mar 14, 2017

Tomato Extract can Relivev Arthrosclerosis 

     Researchers from the University of Cambridge have found that endothelial function has been enhanced 

(cardiovascular lining) after supplementation with lycopene (a 10-fold stronger antioxidant than vitamin E).


     Dr. Joseph Cheriyan, a clinical pharmacologist at the University of Addenbrooke and a lecturer at the 

University of Cambridge, says a large number of studies have shown that Mediterranean diets - including 

lycopene-containing tomatoes and other fruits - benefit cardiovascular health. But so far, its potential 

mechanism is not yet known.


     The study was sponsored by the Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust Foundation, published in the 

online science magazine PLoS ONE. The researchers gave 36 patients with cardiovascular disease and 36 

healthy volunteers taking Ateronon (7mg supplements containing lycopene) and placebo.

     The results showed that in patients with lycopene, the expansion of blood vessels increased by 53%. 

Vasoconstriction is one of the key factors leading to heart attack and stroke.

     Cheriyan said the results indicate the importance of a healthy diet to heart and stroke risk populations. 

Scientific research clearly shows that lycopene can improve cardiovascular function in patients with 

cardiovascular disease. The daily "Tomato Pills" can not be a substitute for other treatments, but can provide 

additional benefits when used with other drugs.

     Professor Jeremy Pearson of the British Heart Foundation says vascular endothelial dysfunction is a 

known predictor of future risk of heart disease. Further work is needed to determine whether the beneficial 

effects of this study will allow high-risk patients to benefit clinically.

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