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The Relationship Between Fructus Momordicae Extract and Human Beings
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Mar 13, 2017

The Relationship Between Fructus Momordicae Extract  and Human Beings 

    In terms of global markets, the consumption area of Mangosteen glycosides is mainly 

concentrated in the United States, Europe and Japan and other regions. At present, the United States is the 

largest consumer of mangosteen glycosides, in recent years the US market, the consumption of 

mangosteen glycosides showed a gradual increase in the trend. However, compared with stevia, so far

, Mangosteen in the application of the product is still relatively limited, and mainly concentrated

 in the US market. From March 2015 to March 2016, the world's new soft drinks with Mangosteen were 

only 64% in the United States.

British Novartis market research firm's data show that the 2014 annual market in the United States 

using Mangosteen sweetener new products than the 13-year growth rate of up to 70%. With the further

 recognition and acceptance of the Mangosteen sweetener, its use in the food and beverage industry 

has increased further. From January to May 2015, the United States market launched with 

roxanthroline as sweetener products reached 187 species, an increase of 140%, is expected to grow 

the future growth rate of Siraitia sweetonia will further increase. However, compared with Europe 

and the United States, the Asia-Pacific region on the natural sweetener demand is relatively small,

 on the one hand from the lack of health awareness of consumers, on the other hand from the higher

 prices, to a certain extent, limit the natural sweetness Agent market development.

On the Japanese market, with the improvement of consumer health awareness, to Mangosteen, 

stevioside as the representative of the natural sweetener is into the people's vision. The trend of

 the use of natural sweeteners in desserts and condiments in Japan is growing, and producers often 

use mogros and erythritol instead of sucrose, claiming that "sugar is less than 0 grams" and "sugar

 0% CUT" The Since the beginning of 2016, the relevant enterprises have launched a low-sugar 

products, such as Sen Yong dairy launched a dessert "delicious low-sugar pudding", personal 

training hall Raizappu focus on sugar reduction, under its supervision launched a dessert "dessert 

dessert" series.

According to the plant to learn the bridge to understand the media, with the natural sent a common

 practice, natural sources sweeteners are gradually gaining consumer recognition and attention. 

Japan Saraya believes that "better health and image will bring growing demand", and in 2015 in 

Guilin, China set up the production of natural sweeteners Siraitia nuta extract of the new plant. 

In addition to the supply of sweeteners to avoid the European and American markets to expand the 

supply, but also began in Japan, the supply of the material. In addition Yokohama oil industry from

 the beginning of 2015 supply Mangosteen raw materials.


In terms of our country, although about 80% of the world's mahogany fruit produced in China, but 

most of them are exported to foreign markets, Mangosteen glycosides in China's market has just 

started. At present, China will pick most of the Luohanguo fruit directly baked into dried fruit, 

mainly used in Chinese medicine and other industries, part of the deep processing into mangosteen 

glycosides. In addition, Mangosteen glycosides in China's downstream applications are mainly

 concentrated in the beverage industry, such as the unified launch of the "sea of words" and "Xiao

 Ming students", especially the latter, last year in the market selling. Mangosteen fruit juice 

application areas targeted, mainly in the beverage industry. At present, not only in the research 

and development of Mangosteen fruit juice products, but also insight into market trends and 

consumer preferences, look forward to the application of Mangosteen fruit juice in the field more 


The rise and development of Mangosteen in the global market is inseparable from the hard work of 

the industry. China's major suppliers of Mangosteen extract Guilin Rhine, Guilin Jifu Si and Hunan

 Huacheng and other high-quality enterprises, are now the United States GRAS certification.


With the increasing popularity of obesity and diabetes in the world today, when our friends circle 

again and again by the WeChat movement and a variety of fitness activities continue to scraper, 

people on the diet of calories, sugar and carbohydrate concern than ever before Time to pay 

attention to this, which also promote the development of low-calorie and low-sugar natural 

sweeteners, the future of this low-calorie and safe and healthy natural sweeteners (stevia, mango 

fruit) will gradually into people's lives, More people bring sweet.