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the market of stevioside
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Mar 15, 2017

The Market of  Sevioside 

    According to PMR's social media sentiment analysis, most social media users have positive positive 

emotions on stevioside on different social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Leader, YouTube, 

etc.) attitude. The emotional analysis found that stevioside was hotspot in North America and further showed 

that Twitter was the most common platform for discussing stevioside and stevioside products. 

Stevioside-derived packaged foods are most frequently discussed in social media, and most of these 

discussions are positive and positive. This is also one of the important factors to promote the development of 

stevioside market.

    According to the market analysis of stevioside in PMR, the main areas of application of stevioside are 

beverages, packaged foods, sweeteners, food supplements, bakery products and dairy products. In all 

applications, beverages (including energy drinks, hot drinks, soft drinks, etc.) will occupy the largest proportion

during the forecast period.

    In the case of market divisions, North America and Asia-Pacific Asia (APEJ) are the regions with the 

greatest potential for stevioside. North America is expected to maintain a growth rate of 9.8% in CAGR during

 the forecast period, while the stevioside market in Asia and Asia outside Japan will also show a high level of 

growth. In addition to these two regions, Latin America is also a major potential market for stevioside market.