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the main structure of yeast glucan
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  May 25, 2017

The Main Structure of Yeast Glucan

    Β-glucan is a polysaccharide formed by glycosidic linkage, and the main chemical structure is β-1,3 dextran and β-1,6 glucan, wherein the former has antitumor activity, Greatly enhance the natural immunity of the human body, in addition, as a prebiotics can also adjust the intestinal flora structure.

    Β-glucan widely present in a variety of fungi and plants, mainly from fresh food such as beer yeast, oats, edible fungus and so on. Among them, yeast β-glucan is present in the yeast cell wall with a strong immune activity of polysaccharides, yeast cells by autolysis, enzymatic hydrolysis and purification made of molecular weight of about 1000KD, mainly in the β- 1,3-D-glucan as the main chain, the structure is different from the general carcass linear molecular structure, as a unique triple super-spiral structure. This particular ultramicro helical molecular structure is the most immunologically active and most easily absorbed form of the body, and therefore exhibits non-specific immune enhancement in animal experiments.