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The function of Psyllium Husk Powder
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Feb 22, 2017

What are the function of Psyllium Husk Powder?


  1. 1.To lose weight, weight control (Weight Control) because psyllium husk is rich in soluble fiber, water will be expanded to form a gel group of dozens of times, can increase satiety, but does not provide heat, but also reduce the calorie intake. Because psyllium water will be expanded, so it can increase satiety and reduce appetite, psyllium husk active ingredient is people's polysaccharide molecule called Arabynoxylan. This very special polysaccharide molecules can quickly absorb water, the formation of transparent paste material, can not be digested in the human digestive tract, stomach and small intestine, and only in the large intestine and rectum was part of the digestive bacteria, so Psyllium since ancient times were used to Runchang defecation; In the small intestine in the water to form a paste mass, improve the stool and intestinal wall lubrication conditions, promote defecation speed. Prevents fat, protein and other nutrients for emissions, thus hindering the absorption of nutrients, nutrition tests showed that Psyllium edible polysaccharides will make the cholesterol reducing, which will also play a role in weight control or weight loss.

  2. 2.Laxative Psyllium seed is available, effective components of polysaccharide molecule seed shell, called Arabynoxylan. This very special polysaccharide molecules can quickly absorb water, the formation of paste transparent material. In the small intestine to form water paste mass, can improve the lubrication condition of feces and intestinal wall, promote defecation rate, so Psyllium since ancient times were used to Runchang defecation. Modern nutrition research proved that Psyllium polysaccharide not only Runchang, and increased fecal dry weight component. Psyllium polysaccharide will form a laxative swelling material, at the same time when we swallow the seed powder and water, will form a gel group of 8 - 14 times volume, can maintain the fecal moisture and softness, while the gel group also can stimulate the intestinal wall produce reflex contraction, and promote normal bowel emptying.

  3. 3.Heart Disease-Lowering Blood Cholesterol for many obese people, heart disease is a major health risk, this is because the LDL induced by high cholesterol, eat high fiber foods can reduce LDL cholesterol, so if you can eat more foods containing high fiber food, is very valuable for the prevention of heart disease. Soluble psyllium fiber can reduce blood cholesterol. In the colon (Colon) in the role of probiotics, carbohydrate in sub fiber psyllium by fermentation is decomposed into short chain fatty acids (Short Chain Fatty Acids), so as to prevent cholesterol synthesis. University of Kentucky School of medicine in New Orleans, Lexington and Chicago clinical research center were studied on a number of dietary fiber treatment. The results showed that soluble fiber could reduce the level of total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, while being consumed with high fat and low fat diet. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the 1998 announcement, psyllium husk soluble fiber can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  4. 4.Intestinal function of psyllium husk can be used to prevent / treat constipation or diarrhea. The utility model can fully absorb the moisture, increase the volume to the excretory mass, increase the peristalsis of the intestine, reduce the time of delivery of the feces in the intestine, and gradually become regular.

  5. 5. The prevention of colon cancer and other gastrointestinal disease risk a large number of data show that the fiber can not only prevent gastrointestinal diseases, but also can prevent some fatal diseases, research report, such as lack of dietary fiber, the growth of food residues remain in the intestinal tract, and increase the contact time and generate carcinogen and intestinal mucosa the wall, easy to cause colorectal cancer or other diseases have the opportunity. Fiber can change the type and number of intestinal microorganisms. In addition, psyllium husk also plays the role of antidotes. Through the absorption of water and other harmful substances, increase the volume of manure, the toxic heavy metals and other harmful chemicals are adsorbed on the fecal clumps, thereby reducing the concentration of carcinogenic materials or harmful substances; at the same time, promote intestinal peristalsis, accelerate the discharge, and reduce the intestinal mucosa contact time. Therefore, it can prevent or reduce the risk of colon cancer, enteritis and other intestinal diseases.

  6. 6. Diabetes blood glucose control caelian shell helps control blood sugar rise after a meal. At the same time, through the intervention of diabetes, psyllium husk grass can help reduce the need for insulin in patients with the amount of sugar.

  7. 7. The arrival of colonic diverticulitis caelian shell material volume increases, but also increase the intestinal peristalsis, reduce the pressure on the stomach wall. This regulation is helpful to reduce the symptoms of diverticulitis, or even prevent the onset of diverticulitis.

  8. 8. Weight control because psyllium husk is rich in soluble fiber, water will be expanded to form a gel group of dozens of times, can increase satiety, will not provide energy, but also reduce calorie intake.