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the description of camucamu powder
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Jan 16, 2017

The Description of Camucamu Powder 

  Often called the Camu-Camu berry, this fruit grows on a low-growing shrub native to the lush climates 

along the Black Water River region of the Amazonian rainforest. The buzz about this potent berry has spread 

around the world, earning it the nickname “nature’s vitamin pill.” Containing a higher naturally occurring 

vitamin C content than any other food, camu has long been used for its nutritional and medicinal attributes. 

Navitas Naturals Camu is grown organically in Peru, where gentle low-temperature drying methods are used 

to protect and maximize the nutrient potential of this extraordinary superberry powder.

  Peru is home to millions of acres of forests, thousands of plant species and around one third of indigenous 

populations residing in rural areas. This trifecta results in a treasure chest of valuable plants and deep 


  Navitas Naturals Camu Powder is sourced from organically cultivated regions of Peru. The small shrubby 

camu tree has smooth bark and grows along the winding banks of rivers running through the lowland 

rainforests of Amazonia. The plant has adapted to flooding and is able to survive submersed in water for over 

five months! Abundant rains nourish the growth of small fruits that are hand harvested by families who have 

settled along rivers and expertly direct their canoes for collection.

  To make our Camu Powder, seeds from the camu berries are removed, then the fruit is slow-dried and 

low-temperature milled into a fine soluble powder. Our Camu Powder contains no fillers or carriers, just pure,

vital camu berries.