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The Chinese and American health industry trends have converged
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  May 10, 2017

The Chinese and American Health Industry Trends Have Converged

     Under the mature pattern of health industry, the world in trade show of the concept of natural, green, healthy life is fixed several nearly every year, and the entire industry. The annual Engredea show is such a large exhibition. Every march, the sun shines in Los Angeles.


     The pavilion is growing in size and even the entire first floor of the Hilton Hotel is in short supply. It is given priority to with the United States more than 3000 companies worldwide including, of course, whether natural ingredients industry higher-ups Italian serie di that (Indena), DSM in the Netherlands, France, figure (Naturex), Israel LycoRed, etc., or health care products, food supplements) jia luo molecules (Jarrow Formula), Now Foods, Nature Made, and so on are occupying the position of the pavilion is the most significant and show the visual impact of the booth, explaining the development of health industry.


    If for years from within the domestic health industry, relying on Engredea exhibition shows a variety of, believe that everyone can see basic American health industry trends and the relationship between China and the United States. The plant's media representatives combed through the exhibition to draw a strong conclusion: the health industry, China, has already begun to synchronize.