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The antibacterial adhesion of cranberry extract was confirmed
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  May 05, 2017

The antibacterial adhesion of cranberry extract was confirmed


    Two unpublished studies conducted at rutgers university in the United States have demonstrated the resistance of cranberries. It is well known that cranberries are rich in procyanidins (PACs) and polyphenols, and are known for relieving urinary tract infections. It is understood that the key to cranberry's antiurinary tract infection is to prevent e. coli from sticking to the urethra. EDI companies in the United States once again in the conference, said the Cranberex is A kind of research and development by BL - 10-channel DMAC technology to extract, containing 15% of type A procyanidins functional materials, has A strong resistance to adhesive effect (aaa).


    In the first experiment, the researchers found that compared with ordinary cranberry extract, Cranberex in low concentration (0.23 mg/ml) can have the effect of anti adhesion, this also proves that Cranberex powerful anti adhesion effect.


    The second experiment was a small human clinical trial. In the experiment, 10 volunteers took Cranberex twice a day, one in the morning and one at night. After 3 to 6 hours, all the volunteers are realized in vivo Cranberex anti adhesion effect, nearly half of consumers to achieve the full role of resistance to bacterial adhesion to the rest of the people also reached more than 50%.


    The two studies have proven Cranberex's functional activity and opened the door to cranberry extract, said CalBewicke, ENI's chief executive. In particular, about 10.5 million people in the United States develop urinary tract infections each year, and about 800,000 of them also develop antibiotic resistance. In this case, cranberry extract deserves more attention.


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