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some of plant extract has benefits to constipation
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Apr 26, 2017

Some of Plant Extracts has Benefits to Constipation


   Inulin is a reserve polysaccharide in plants and is a prebiotic fiber. Inulin full range of health effects, blood sugar, blood lipids, eliminate eczema, skin care beauty, and so forth. The most important of course is the promotion of digestion. Studies show that adults ingest 10 grams of chrysanthemum oligosaccharides daily, one week after the increase in the amount of bifidobacteria per gram of feces 20%; daily intake of 10 grams of inulin oligosaccharides, within 3 weeks can be reduced by 44.6 % Toxic fermentation products and 40.9% harmful bacterial enzymes. The mechanism of inulin prevention of constipation is that dietary fiber can reduce the residence time of the food in the gastrointestinal tract and increase the amount of feces. Moreover, the inulin in the upper part of the intestinal tract will not be hydrolyzed into monosaccharides, which will not raise blood sugar levels and insulin content, is very suitable for diabetic patients.

Aloe vera

   Aloe is a natural laxative, which is currently added to many herbal products for constipation. "Chinese Materia Medica" records, aloe diarrhea, there are laxative use. Scientific research shows that aloe vera in the Aloin (Aloin) and aloe vera emodin (Emodin) and other ingredients have increased appetite, colorectal diarrhea effect. Taking appropriate aloe vera, can strengthen the gastrointestinal function, enhance physical fitness. Because of the evidence to the virtual and loss of appetite in critically ill patients, taking aloe vera can gradually restore appetite; healthy people, long-term use of aloe and adhere to aloe bath, but also disease prevention. It should be noted that aloe vera can not be served, or easy to poison.

Facing the situation of constipation, the inulin and aloe vera extract are good for it.