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Nature Supplement to Human Bodies
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Apr 22, 2016

                                                                        Horse Chestnut Extract

 Product Name: Horse Chestnut Extract

 Other name: Escin; Aescin; Aesculus chinesis Bge

 Botanical Source: Aesculus hippocastanum L.

 Part Used: Seed

 Appearance: Brown to Reddish-Brown

 Specifications:  20% aescin HPLC OR UV

 CAS No.: escin 6805-41-0

 Studies of the product:

Horse chestnut seed extract (HCSE) is widely used in Europe for chronic venous

insufficiency (CVI), a syndrome that may include leg swelling, varicose veins, leg

pain, itching, and skin ulcers. Although traditionally recommended for a variety of

medical conditions, CVI is the only condition for which there is strong supportive

scientific evidence.

Horse chestnut extract is one of the major products of our company. All the

manufacture process includes extraction, distillation, purification are controlled by the

experienced workers.

 Health Benefits:

1.Horse Chestnut Extract have been employed in the treatment of rheumatism and

neuralgia, and also in rectal complaints and for haemorrhoids.Veinotonic and to

reduce capillary permeability (and so minimize varicose veins);Treatment of venous

insufficiency; Anti-edemic; Anti-inflammatory.

2.Horse chestnut extract has demonstrated a variety of beneficial effects including

anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiedema, venotonic (helpful to veins) and

vasoprotective (protective of vessels or ducts) actions.

3.Aescin has been shown to promote circulation through the veins. Aescin fosters normal
tone in the walls of the veins, thereby promoting return of blood to the heart.This has
made both topical and internal horse chestnut extracts popular in Europe for the treatment
of chronic venous insufficiency and, to a lesser extent, varicose veins. Aescin also
possesses ant-iinflammatory properties and has been shown to reduce edema (swelling with
fluid) follow.