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Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Jan 09, 2017


Natto kinase nattokinase (NK) is a kind of Bacillus subtilis protein kinase, is in the process of natto fermentation by Bacillus subtilis natto Bacillus (subtilisl natto) to produce a kind of serine protease. With dissolving thrombus, reduce blood viscosity, improve blood circulation, soften and increase vascular elasticity, and so on.

In natto were found in 1980, is composed of 275 amino acids according to the fixed arrangement, the molecular weight is 27724, decompose the unique function of thrombus, active effect with inherent units FU said.

The physical and chemical characteristics

1, natto kinase is in the process of natto fermentation by Bacillus subtilis natto Bacillus (subtilisl natto) produced a kind of serine protease (single peptide enzyme), molecular weight is 27728 Dalton.

2 during temperature over 80 ℃, natto kinase degeneration deactivation quickly, but not the influence of repeated freezing and thawing.

3 natto kinase in PH from 7 to 12, stable within 10 minutes; PH value less than 5, rapid degeneration inactivation. Gastric acid environment of the PH value between 1.2 to 2, natto kinase could not pass.

4. natto kinase and viscous material blend, in 2-3 acidic PH environment, also can maintain the activity of no more than 7.5%.

5, natto kinase is macromolecular single peptide enzyme, can be the intestinal digestive juices (chymotrypsin, trypsin, small intestinal juice, etc.) into fragments or smaller molecular weight peptide chain amino acids.


Fibrinolytic characteristics.

1, natto kinase of crosslinking state of fibrin (thrombosis of fibrin) is particularly sensitive, it can be directly degradation, the plasma fibrin had no effect, less bleeding.

2, natto kinase have diversity mechanism of thrombolysis. In addition to the direct effect of thrombolysis, there is a small amount of indirect effect of thrombolysis.

Activate endothelial generate endogenous cellulase original activator (T PA). Activate kidney urokinase produced the original into a activity of urokinase. Original dissolved fibrinolytic enzyme activator inhibitor, ensure the effect of thrombolysis.


Role that

Vitamin K2 is the opposite of the role of natto kinase is, natto kinase is dissolve thrombus promote blood circulation, and vitamin K2 is clotting. So, natto kinase products contain vitamin K2, will greatly affect the thrombolysis effect of natto kinase.


Taking method editor

Japan nutrition health food association rules of natto kinase daily maintain normal volume should not below 2000 fu. Therefore, medical nutrition experts recommend natto kinase population basic usage is as follows:

1, daily intake of 2000 fu, is normal or prevention of disease of heart head blood-vessel sub-health population, the majority of people taking 7 days or so the body reaction, consciously energetic, symptoms of dry eyes beginning to look up; Sensitive people on the same day that is involved.

2, daily intake of fu fu - 4000, 2000 patients with disease of heart head blood-vessel suggested dosage, 15 days or so most of the body appear positive response, such as cold feet, bosom is frowsty, flustered, numbness gradually ease, the symptom such as dizziness, insomnia, about 2 to 3 months of blood pressure, blood fat index gradually to normal, stay index can be reduced to the normal amount of health maintenance.

3, daily intake of 4000 fu, fu - 6000 is disease of heart head blood-vessel seriously ill patients suggested dosage, 1 month or so self-conscious symptoms begin to slow down, keep 3 months slow down significantly, after being indicators improved, can be gradually reduced.


Decomposition of thrombus editor

1, direct, decompose the thrombus

2, activation of urokinase precursors make its have the activity of urokinase into, with thrombus decomposition enzyme (enzyme).

3, increase the amount of plasmin originally activator, indirect purpose of decomposition of thrombosis.


The main function to edit

Natto kinase is a significant function of dissolving thrombus. Mimugu F people such as blood clots dissolve analysis rinse fibrinolytic activity of natto kinase, compared to Plasmin, it found that the fibrinolytic activity of natto kinase 4 times that of Plasmin; MiLsugu. F. Natto kinase intravenously to thrombus model induced by chemical synthesis, found to have obvious thrombolysis, and showed higher than fibrinolytic enzyme and elastase fibrinolytic ability. The research shows that natto kinase In both in vitro and in vivo, show strong fibrinolytic activity Natto kinase At the same time can activate the fibrin dissolve enzyme in the body, so that the quantity of endogenous fibrinolytic enzyme increased. After another. Healthy oral natto kinase, appeared the following effects:

1) obviously shortened especially globulin dissolution time (ELT);

(2) the fibrinolytic activity in plasma increased;

(3) t - PA quantity increases in plasma. Because of NK security, stability and the role of good dissolving thrombus, its possible as oral reagent treatment for thrombosis