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inulin has more function to baking
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Mar 17, 2017

Inulin has More Function to Baking 

      In the case of the original formula unchanged, to the formula to add inulin, the product of dietary fiber content increased, heat, fat and sugar ratio decreased, the taste did not decline. In addition, inulin can increase the fluffy taste of baked goods, especially bread products. Relevant tests pointed out that 5% of the most appropriate addition of inulin, when the bread is the most soft and delicious. According to the relevant data show that Germany's annual consumption of baking products per unit number of 731, the Chinese average is 92, this difference reflects the differences between China and Germany food culture, but also reflects the future baking industry in the domestic market has great potential. Adding inulin products to solve the health problems, but also to overcome the problem of short mouth.

    As a high-quality dietary fiber and natural prebiotics, inulin has a variety of health effects, can be described as infinite scenery. Inulin is not only the gospel of diabetic patients, but also the benefits of fat paper, inulin fermentation in the intestine will produce a variety of short-chain fatty acids, which has a name called inulin propionate can inhibit people's desire for food, Especially junk food, inulin once again saved the entire obesity community. Inulin has a good performance, has been applied in various fields, food and beverage, supplements, feed and medical and so on.