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How to combine inulin to flour
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  May 12, 2017

How to Combine Inulin to Flour

     In the case of the original formula unchanged, to the formula to add inulin, the product of dietary fiber content increased, heat, fat and sugar ratio decreased, the taste did not decline. In addition, inulin can increase the fluffy taste of baked goods, especially bread products. Relevant tests pointed out that 5% of the most appropriate addition of inulin, when the bread is the most soft and delicious. According to the relevant data show that Germany's annual consumption of baking products per unit number of 731, the Chinese average is 92, this difference reflects the differences between China and Germany food culture, but also reflects the future baking industry in the The domestic market has great potential. Adding inulin products that solve the health problems, but also to overcome the problem of short mouth.

    The current bakery industry in China faster than the dairy industry, including the entire food industry, including the pace of development. At present, the greatest potential for the development of Chinese bakery market is that young people are increasingly inclined to internationalize their eating habits, accept both traditional Chinese food and try food from all over the world. With the accelerated pace of modern life, the internationalization of the increasingly high, with probiotics and prebiotics baking products is a future development direction.

    The encounter of flour and inulin, can be described as the Three Musketeers meet. Vogard flour company uses a unique flour product technology, Chongqing pride by virtue of the research and development of inulin products, purple stone bio-use of the company's understanding of natural products and food formulations of understanding, the perfect combination of these three technologies to create The advent of the ancient Roman Legion flour. Inulin flour is only a start, the latter will also put more energy will be rich in dietary fiber inulin (including other natural ingredients) to high-end flour as the carrier, to create a unique nutritional way.