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health benefits of lemon balm extract
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Jan 06, 2017

Health Benefits of Lemon Balm Extract 

1. Calms the Mind

Lemon balm has been used for centuries as a popular oil in aromatherapy. It is said that the pure, sweet 

aroma of the oil promotes a feeling of relaxation and calm. Most sweet oils are said to provide the same 

benefit. Look for a pure lemon balm essential oil if you are thinking about using the herb in your 

aromatherapy practice. Lemon balm oil is the oil that has been carefully pressed from the flowers of the 

lemon balm plant.

2. Encourages Restful Sleep

Lemon balm also encourages a more restful sleep, according to some research. Parents of the children in the 

German study reported their children slept more peacefully throughout the night after supplementation. A 

placebo-controlled trial found menopausal women suffering with sleep disruptions reported much better sleep 

after taking a lemon balm/valerian extract compared to those taking the placebo

3. Makes Skin Look Years Younger

Lemon balm is still frequently featured in many cosmetics for its soothing effect on the skin. The first 

cosmetic use of lemon balm goes back to the 1300s when the Queen of Hungary used it to erase the years 

(and reportedly the wrinkles). It’s still recommended for soothing the skin and reducing fine lines.

4. Boosts Alertness

Although lemon balm calms the mind, it certainly doesn’t dull the mind. An Australian study noted improved 

alertness in participants supplementing with the herb in addition to feelings of calm and an improved, more 

positive mood

6. Powerful Antioxidant

Lemon balm is loaded with antioxidants that keep your cells safe from free radical damage. Studies on 

eugenol and rosmarinic acid show they support a healthy brain. Other significant antioxidants include ferulic, 

caffeic acids, and quercetin. [5] Quercetin specifically is known as a powerful compound.

8. Supports Normal Blood Sugar

Many herbs that support antioxidant levels also help balance blood sugar. Although research is limited on 

lemon balm’s effect on blood sugar, one study has shown that, when taken consistently, it does promote 

stable blood sugar and reduces insulin resistance. Based on the research so far, lemon balm appears to have a 

positive influence on blood sugar.