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Functional Differentiation Of Several Glucan
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Jul 06, 2017

Functional Differentiation Of Several Glucan


"Ganoderma lucidum" has always been as help this product in popular, is called back from the dead, the effective medicine of immortality bone. Now the study found that the magic of ganoderma is derived from the active ingredient ganoderma polysaccharide, which is mostly beta-1, 3-glucan. But because ganoderma is rich in fiber, not easy to eat, the content is also low, and ganoderma has a solid cell wall, which is  hard to absorb.


The activity of yeast dextran is much better than that of mushroom polysaccharides, flammulina velutipes polysaccharides, versicolor polysaccharides, konjak polysaccharides.


The only active ingredient, beta glucan is the molecular structure of the complex-polysaccharides chains, they are hexagon, glucose circle in the position of the 1 and 3, connections are with glucose from 1, 3 main chain branching out of smaller 1, 6. Of all kind of beta-1, 3-glucan, only one with 1,6 strands is the most active. The portuguese polysaccharides is the most active, with 1,6 chains of beta-1,3-glucosan. Many studies suggest that beta-glucan ACTS on the immune system, which is the frequency, position and length of those branches.


In polysaccharides with immunoregulatory activity, only those with beta (1-6) branch of beta (1-6) have inhibitory effects on tumor growth. Beta-glucan from fungi(1,3) usually has a 99-100% tumor inhibition rate, while other source of polysaccharides has a inhibition rate of only 10% to 40%. The antitumor activity of beta-glucan has a lot to do with the function of macrophages. The function of macrophages enhances the activity of tumor suppresor, which is the effect of activiting macrophage to inhibit tumor. Especially for patients who have received radiotherapy for a long time, they can improve their resistance.

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