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FBIC exhibition special report: baked food in the Asia Pacific usher in the development of the golden period
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Apr 17, 2017

FBIC exhibition special report: baked food in the Asia Pacific usher in the development of the golden period"


FOODAILY network's "2017 Global Food & Beverage Innovation Review (FBIC)" Conference on April 12-13, held in Shanghai Marriott bauer. This meeting, adhering to the "open innovation, design innovation and disruptive innovation" concept, attracted many domestic and foreign well-known food and beverage companies participating, involving product innovation, process innovation, material innovation and packaging. In addition, the product tasting link for the participants on behalf of the zero distance of the food industry is how to implement innovation.



In recent years, the baking industry in the world is developing rapidly, the market size is also increasing, especially in the Asia Pacific region. With the continuous upgrading of consumption, the market is also constantly introducing innovative products, baked goods in health, nutrition, taste, convenience and other aspects of innovation and upgrading in order to attract more consumers. At the same time, biscuits, bread and cakes and other categories of innovation driven jointly promote the development of baking food.


Asia ushered in the golden period"

Euromonitor international, according to data from the 2016 global baked goods market size of more than $326 billion, ranked second in all kind of food packaging, second only to the dairy products. Baked goods in the asia-pacific region the size of the market of $60 billion, after Europe and North America, the world's third. In terms of the asia-pacific region, cake to occupy the market share of about 40% at most, followed by baking sweets and bread and other categories.

The data also showed that 2011-2016 with 4% compound annual growth rate of rapid development in the asia-pacific region, the highest in the world, to the asia-pacific region in 2020 is expected to North America. Europe is the world's largest baking market, mainly lies in the baking food for breakfast and staple food, it is a trend in the future will be more obvious in the asia-pacific region.



Baked goods market scale in the asia-pacific region in 2011-2021 (unit: billions dollars)

From 2016 to 2021, the asia-pacific region will be baked goods into a global growth, the strongest areas, growth rate of 3%, far higher than 1.7% of the global level, in addition to China and Japan to promote, also driven by emerging countries, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam and other countries. From 2016 to 2021, China and Japan market growth will slow down there, mainly depends on consumer demand for products is higher, and Pakistan's growth rate, the strongest growth in Indonesia is the largest. In addition, the urbanization and disposable income is baking the cause of the rapid development of market, developing countries are mainly composed of low-end products.


China into the asia-pacific growth initiative

In 2016, the growth rate of baked goods all packaging food was fourth in the Asia Pacific region, second only to ready meals, soups, breakfast cereals, with up to 85% of the growth coming from China, the main reasons are as follows: young consumers are more likely to accept western culture and way of life; Speed up the pace of life, consumers are more inclined to the baking food as staple food substitutes, such as rice and noodles; The convenience of product package, and further drive the development of the market.

China and Japan is a major consumer market of baked goods in the asia-pacific region, including cakes and pastries class product is accounted for the biggest category, but also exist obvious differences in two markets. China market products more onefold, such as 70% cake is fresh, not packing; More than 70% of the baking cakes are baked by manual store sales, followed by their own brands. The Japanese market product diversification, packaging products, facilities and 2020 winter Olympic Games to promote packaging products the emergence of a new growth point; Top three companies occupy 60% of the market sales, yamazaki bread alone occupy 40%, the main is that Japanese companies continuously introduce mixed type of transboundary products.

In terms of sales channels, China to give priority to with traditional retail stores, sales channels are turning to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong supermarkets and convenience stores. In addition, the impact of the traditional Chinese bakery, bake a growing number of big stores open a bakery shop, selling fresh bakery products, to promote their own brands growth at the same time, also can attract more consumers.


All kinds of "innovation" into the trend

With the increase of consumption upgrade, the people strong increasing demand for health products, at the same time to demand a higher quality and taste. In the face of customers, enterprises should pay more attention to product innovation, such as raw materials innovation (whole grains, the grain), production (reform), sales (marketing strategy) and the packaging (packaging, more convenient, beautiful), etc., in order to portray the new image of the baking food.