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Curcumin - Nature gives the best gift to mankind
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Mar 03, 2017

 Curcumin - Nature Gives the Best Gift to Mankind


    Turmeric is considered to be the best gift of nature to mankind. Scientists from all over the world have 

made numerous studies on turmeric. Sabinza's marketing director, Shahin Meguid, said scientists had more 

than 7500 scientific research activities for curcumin, 10% of which were human clinical trials. Therefore, 

curcumin is now the most popular, proving the most complete file, the highest degree of acceptance of 

supplements and health care products raw materials.

    With the scientists more and more research on curcumin, curcumin a variety of effects are gradually being 

excavated, the market can be seen everywhere add curcumin products. However, the solubility of curcumin in

 general, so its application in functional beverages is facing some problems. In order to solve this problem, 

people through the polymerization of materials, nano-materials and lipophilic materials to improve the 

solubility of curcumin.

    Maji De said that Sabina has developed a curcumin transfer system called uC3 CLEAR, a solid transport 

system that can overcome the curative effect of curcumin poor solubility and have good water solubility in the

beverage Have good transparency.



    Curcumin is one of the key components of the Ayurveda system and is commonly used to solve a range of 

chronic diseases such as asthma, cough, allergies, rhinitis, disorders, jaundice, diarrhea, bile disorders, 

anorexia, diabetes, sprains and Swelling and so on. The modern science explains the efficacy of turmeric in 

Ayurveda, which has the potential for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.



    Although curcumin suppliers are many, but different curcumin products, their bioavailability is not the 

same. For example, Sabine produced C3 Reduct is the standard 95% of the tetrahydro curcumin. The product

 is a mixture of curcumin and piperine, piperine is extracted from the black pepper ingredients, is a curcumin 

bioavailability propeller.

    Yi Di that through the phospholipids to prevent the problem of curcumin self-polymerization, to improve 

the absorption rate of curcumin. The company uses a phospholipid complex called Meriva.

    European pharmaceutical company also produced a called curcumin called BCM-95, the product uses a 

patented processing technology, can make the curcumin bioavailability increased by 10 times. The core of the 

technology is to make curcumin powder, and then mixed with curcumin essential oils. The main function of 

the product is to relieve pain and enhance immunity and resistance to inflammation.

    Verdure Technologies has introduced a curcumin product called Longcida, which uses SLCP patented 

technology. The main function of the product is to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle damage. In 

addition, the product can improve the vascular endothelial function of the elderly population.

    With the discovery of solid lipid curcumin at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, it can 

improve the emotional and cognitive health of the elderly population, and Longvida received the 2005 

Research Foundation for Nutritional Ingredients.

    Wacker has introduced a cyclodextrin curcumin formula, clinical trials show that, compared with the 

general commercial curcumin, the formula can enhance the bioavailability of curcumin 45%.

    Nature's treasure under its Solgar brand launched a curcumin ingredient, the product used by the 

technology can make curcumin bioavailability increased 185 times.

    OmniActive Nutrition Technologies has developed a curcumin product called CurcuWIN, which uses its 

own UltraSOL technology.

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