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anti-inflammatory diet
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Feb 05, 2017

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

    Anti-inflammatory literally means something that reduces inflammation. Inflammation is the body's response 

to harm from damage, irritants and pathogens.

    Inflammation is how the body tries to protect itself and initiate healing. The most common symptoms of 

inflammation are pain, heat & swelling, redness and sometimes loss of function.

   Approximately half of pain relief drugs (analgesics) are anti-inflammatory, and they work by trying to reduce

 pain by reducing inflammation.

   The Anti-Inflammatory Diet, also known as the Wellness Diet, is a way of improving overall health and 

reducing your susceptibility to diseases thought to be caused by chronic inflammation. The diet consists of 

consuming fresh food and limiting your intake of processed and fast food. No food groups should be 

eliminated from your diet; the aim should be to include variety as well as lots of fruit and vegetables. Weight 

loss is not the aim of the diet, although this does sometimes occur as a result.