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A new world, tea drinks, natural functional ingredients
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Apr 20, 2017

A New World Tea Drinks, Natural Functional Ingredients


Energy drinks and sleeping beverages in the United States has been very popular with consumers, in recent years, manufacturers will start to have "to adapt to the original" effect of herbal drink, in order to satisfy the demands of most consumers' health, it helps to balance the coordination of internal pressure and external injury.



To adapt to the original can make the body is in a state of "enhanced nonspecific defenses," namely the nonspecific resistance can counteract harmful factor, representative including ganoderma lucidum, ginseng and other Chinese herbal medicine. Unlike conventional herbs, have to adapt to the original effect of herbal medicine has definite pertinence, calm, relax, and at the same time increase the mental energy has a significant role.


Licorice is a common to adapt to the original herbs, has been used in many tea drinks, can maximize play a role of the body's coordination. Compared with liquorice, over the next few years the development of more promising to adapt to the original herbs is Shatavari Indian asparagus (alias), the herbal medicine is important women in India with nourishing ingredients. Relevant data shows that the herbal medicine in the next few years will be applied in many health products, especially the women's health products, its root extract contains saponin, alkaloids and tannic acid and other active substances can better promote the secretion of estrogen in women, increases the body's energy.


At the same time, the herbal medicine can also help improve the symptoms of menopause women, fertility, menstrual period normalization, balance hormones, etc. At present, the herbal tea company Kuppa already Shatavari sources of tea drinks, at the same time also to mix raw materials such as vanilla, hibiscus.


Turmeric and maccha, the darling of the tea beverage market

The consumer survey, people demand for turmeric drinks and tea drinks is very high. , more than 1000 research papers on pointed out that turmeric has many health benefits, such as improved heart health, liver, blood circulation, pain and inflammation, etc. Phytochemistry bridge according to the media, turmeric has been used in the products, such as soft drinks, smoothies and snacks. Pukka company in the United States in 2016 brought a turmeric tea drinks, which also contains green tea, st basil (for Indian herbal medicine), lemon, etc., dual attributes of both taste and health.


Turmeric health claims have been confirmed by many studies, but the role of consumer use of turmeric is not large, in fact was due to the raw material of the product is unqualified, so manufacturers must ensure that the products use quality of raw materials, Pukka companies use of raw materials have been passed the test of the organic certification and scientific data to support. Pukka, moreover, the company also launched in the us market have Ginger Tea drinks (Three Ginger Tea), which also contains turmeric, is very popular among consumers, but also reflects the consumer preference for Ginger.


In recent years, maccha began to popular in the market, especially tea drinks. Compared to most tea products, the company launched the matcha tea drinks can provide unique health properties, also with convenience. For instance, a mixture of Fried tea and tea in a tea bag, more convenient to use than traditional maccha powder. In addition, even if is packaged in the form of maccha, its contain polyphenols active substances remained high.


Maccha usually and other functional materials are mixed together, such as the company launched a tea beverage contains maccha, turmeric, liquorice, fennel and other clean raw material, etc.; And a drink is to fry, spearmint, peppermint and matcha green tea together.