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100% Natural Rosa Mosqueta Extract / Rosehip P. E/Rosehips Extract
Risun Bio-Tech Inc  Oct 14, 2016

                       100% Natural Rosa Mosqueta Extract / Rosehip P. E/Rosehips Extract
  • Model NO.: 84696-47-9

  • Type: Herbal Extract

  • Form: Powder

  • Extract Method: Supercritical CO2 Extraction

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: 98%

  • Origin: SHAANXI,CHINA 

  • Raw Material: Plants

  • Variety: Rosehip Extract

  • Part: Fruit

  • Packaging: 25kg/Drum

  • Grade: Food Grade

  • Color: Brown Fine Powder

  • Specification: ISO, Kosher

Product Description
Rosehips are usually consumed in tea and powdered supplement form. Research indicates that no side effects for consumption of rosehips has been reported oridentified in studies. Rosehips provide more vitamin C content per serving that any fruit, vegetable or synthetic supplement. They are considered to be a safeand mild alternative for natural Vitamin C intake in adults and children.

Rosehips is nutritive herb and is a source of natural vitamins and minerals, expecially vitamin C. It nutritionally strengthens the immune system. (People who have allergic reactions to vatamin C can use this herb.

Rose Hips Extract
Brown powder
Vitamin C 5%,
Rose polyphenols 5%-50%
[Product name]: Rose Hips Extract
[Latin name]: Rosa rugosa Thunb.
[Appearance]: Brown powder
[Active ingredients]: Vitamin C, Vitamin E
[Specification]: Vitamin C 5%, rose polyphenols 5%-50%
[Function]: Rose fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which are excellent antioxidants, may play in the human body better than the average effect of vitamin C, used to eliminate fatigue, relieve stress and pain relief.

About product
Product Name: Rose Hip Extract Powder
Botanical Name: Rosa rugosa Thunb.
Part Used: Fruit
Extract Ratio 4: 1 to 20: 1
Straight powder
5% Vitamin C
10% Vitamin C
5-20% Polyphenols

Active Ingredient: Vitamin C
CAS No.: 50-81-7
Molecular formula: C6H8O6
Structural formula:


Technological Process:
Raw Material; Immersion in water; Filtering; Purification; Concentration in Vacuum; Killing of Bacteria; Drying; Powder

Main Functions:
Anti-oxidation, preventing skin aging and protecting the brain and nerve tissue from oxidation.
Strengthening the spleen and helping digestion.
ImprovIing blood circulation, boosts metabolism, monitors the menstrual cycle and relieves pain.
It is widely used in food additive, medicine and health product.
AppearanceRed Brown to light red powder(Relate to Purity)
Paiticle sizePass 80 mesh
Loss on drying5%
Heavy metals<10ppm
Vitamin C5%
Total Plate Count<10000cfu/g or <1000cfu/g(Irradiation)
Yeast & Mold<300cfu/g or 100cfu/g(Irradiation)

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